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The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.

—Charles Darwin, English naturalist (1809–1882)

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.

—James A. Froude, English historian (1818–1894)

If you visit the killing floor of a slaughterhouse, it will brand your soul for life.

—Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.

—Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist (1828–1910)

Ethics of Compassion

srijeda, 8. rujna 2010.

It can lead to obsession if you forget the fact that compassion, not perfection, a sense of vegan living. Our world is not ideal. Therefore, work on trying to achieve the impossible is exhausting and can lead to despair or abandonment vegan lifestyle

Veganism means awakening, awareness and out of the fog that protects most people from suffering and death - the horror that continues forever just out of habit, for pleasure and profit. Many vegans also excites the process and discouraged. Vegans notice the wonders and beauty of the living world, its flexibility, resilience, and splendor, and watch it again with the eyes of a child.

At the same time waking up is painful. Consciousness is not restricted to the attractive side of life, it also reveals repulsive and disgusting sides. However, watching with wide-open eyes gives clearer view of the essence of life and promote a deep and meaningful internal growth. People who are protected from the crude reality never fully develop its gentle and sympathetic nature. Until the sharp edges cut through the anxiety of surface shell of the heart, compassion will remain alien concept.

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